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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Up in the valley, came then upon the waters.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exhibition: The Organism Earth

Citizen of the World

Everyone of my day.
We are all cells in the organism of Earth.

Why then do we destroy ourselves?

Shouldn't war be fought to prevent disease
rather than to practice malnutrition?

When someone shakes my hand
I give them a firm shake,
look them in the eyes
and give a little smirk.

Maybe it's my deception,
maybe it's my ego,
it was birthed subconsciously,
might I add,

But I'll tell you what.
That shake is unchanging.
Doesn't matter if its the President, or a hobo.

My treatment of people is always the same initially.
The rest just falls into place.

You all are my brothers and sisters.
What's up with all the rivalry?
Where's the kindheartedness that keeps us livin?
What is your duty as a cell sustaining the life of humanity?
Humanity in all its beauty and majesty.
 Its important, because that, Is what I stand for.
What do you stand for?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exhibition: The Revolutionary


Going back to what I was saying in Exhibition: Summer of Love
That event changed my life.

Now when someone asks me what I'm gonna do in life.
It depends who it is but to some I say "I'm not sure"
If they're persistent, I say "I wanna help people"

And to others I say
"I'm gonna take over the world"
On a more intimate floor.
I give a quick speech about how this corrupt world is
and how I'm gonna change things.

Who knows whats gonna happen.
But I'll tell you what

These ambitions, these hopes
they come from a mind which has no where else to turn
I've reached a sense of enlightenment.
Why should we allow our world to be plagued with such viruses?
There is no justification.

My idealism is something farther than some people can imagine.
can you imagine what can be accomplished with this idealism as a goal?
Can you imagine what the world would be like with everyone with such hopes and dreams?
My mind is clear.
Clearer than scientology.
Attempting unbias.
Reconstructing tradition.
I will continue with this liberal touch, its advance.
And hopefully you will be enlightened as well,
in your own special way, of course.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Exhibition: How's Your Love Life?


Each day, loves and fears.
Each day, theres someone around me.
Each day my actions and thoughts influence the world around me.

My love life has been an interesting one.
It's lead me to a concept I call ~Freelove
The advice I give you is solid,
and that is Freelove.

To love without fear.
and to fear without love.

Once again, all I can say is that I try.
I don't hold grudges.
I don't pre-judge.
I go day by day with a hope,
a hope to make the best out of it
with whatever I'm dealt.

Live as you wish, but keep this in mind.

We work best with love.
Everything works best with love.
Don't limit yourself in fears.
Never forget or neglect good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exhibition: Humanity's Entropy

Live Right
"You people don't know how to live"
I've said this before. And I mean it in a lot of ways.
So what will be today's example...hmmm
Everywhere around me.
I see it all the time.
Things going wrong.
They abuse each other
This or that crime happens.
They made some mistake
Some corruption has taken place.
Most of us don't know how to live right.
We don't know how to treat each other.
And we don't know how to live ourselves.
But that can be different.
You can live right.
I'm sure I've said enough.
I try each day
to live up to my preaches and spiels.
How much I succeed is debatable.
You just gotta be constantly reminding yourself of the right way.
And you gotta be aware of your actions. It's all in your mind.
You gotta be in control of your life. Are you?
Because I sure am.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Exhibition: Summer of Love

Open Your Eyes
It's August 2008.
My first Summer of Love.

[ok, so I watched an anime called Eureka Seven and they named an event on the show the Summer of Love. Then at the end there was the Second Summer of Love.
Later on after the summer of 2008 I named an album of pictures (on MySpace) 'Summer of Love' as a rip off the show.
Later on I learned about the hippies in the 60's
But I never meant to name an important event in my life after it.
Nevertheless, I might have been there if I was alive in the 60's.
and nevertheless, this summer is still the Second Summer of Love
(which is the name for an event in the U.K.)]

So back to that important event.
It was pivotal of my life's direction.
Well, I can't say much about it...
But I'll tell you what,
my eyes were opened
and my mind was rolling.
I started something called Project Plum.
My philosophical mind was born.

Now I look around.
And I don't take things at face value.

What do things mean?
Where did they come from?
Why did they do that?
What's best?
How does this connect to that?
And what are the consequences?

My eyes are open,
awake and aware.
Are yours?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Revolution III

The Revolution is within us
we can't force it, not this one
for this one is of the Mind...

to force such revolution would be an invalidation
but to organize the means of incitations,
that might be part of the solution

whether public or private
your part of the revolution
which side will you fight on?
don't give in to the false ego

forget it, forget it
this is not a fight at all
it's a love
it's a turning of loyalty
love who we are meant to be
love what is good
and follow, believe, in something that'll last
something that'll invest in the beauty of this world

don't give in the vices of human nature
change, just change
I need you, the world needs you
and when it comes,
for the sake of humanity,
you will be part of the Revolution
the Revolution of the Mind
For the Sake of Humanity

You are a citizen of the world.
You advance as a human being.
You live right, and your eyes are open
you're aware and awake
and your ready to change the world.

The leaders of this world today.
Whether conspiring against us or not,
aren't doing a good job.

The government plays a big roll in our live.
We're all fixed to a big machine.
Even I am.
But to which extent are you involved?
to what means do service this beast?

I'll take reformation
I'll take salvation for the neglected
I'll take the right way


It is said that the winter equinox of December 2012 marks an age of peace.
It is said that we are entering into the age of Aquarius.
The Mayans, and prophets, the conspiracy theorists, and the scientologists 
all see this day as something to look forward to.
Some say its a time of destruction. Fear has gripped many.
But I'll tell you one thing.
If the future comes, I'll be prepared
and regardless of any of what's above and beyond,
I will change the world.
That is my vow to you today
That I will try my best.]

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Citizen of the World

we are humanity
you and I
there's a connection between us
do you feel it?
take your rights back
but don't forget the consequences
be self-reliant
but connect with others
we're all in the same boat
us humans and we shouldn't forget
all of us make up this world.

We are all one people.
Race know's no color 
and we are the human race.

The feminine population,
as well as the feminine side of the brain 
should not be oppressed.
We should have sympathy and empathy for each other always
Love should be a way to do things.
We shouldn't harm each other
for we harm ourselves in such actions.
We should, we should, we should
and it can happen
Do it for the sake of humanity.
be civil, as a citizen of the world


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


living in fear causes a constant state of protection
and when one is protecting themselves,
they aren't growing and if you're not growing,
you're dying.

We are an evolving people.
We should be adaptable not just in body, but also in mind.
Having a critical thinking mind
rather than always protecting yourself in conservatism
will lead to a better you.
to a better humanity.

Things gotta change.
open your eyes and live right.
Don't let emotions discontinue your growth as a human being.
Be willing to throw out some of your beliefs
and take up new ones
but always remember you're doing so
for the sake of humanity
and not your own selfish desire

so that you can grow
and you can become wise
and you can discover truth


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Love and fear.
The only two emotions.
All others are said to be an alteration.

I heard that humanity would do its best in love.
Fear can be limiting is what I heard.

So these two are pretty important, eh?
Emotions are important.
They determine a lot.
Our actions are influenced by emotion.
And our actions determine our destiny.

Love and fear aren't yin and yang.
Each has their purpose in our lives.

And each of them should be within our controls.
When we don't control them right, problems occur.

But on another, yet similar note.
When people control people,
someone is bound to be neglected.
This is true on large and small scales.

We all control each other in some ways.
We each have our own freewill,
but we are also all connected.

We can feed our ego,
out of fear,
or we can love.

So be aware,
you control others,
no matter how big or small
and you should do so,
with love,
For the Sake of Humanity


Friday, June 12, 2009

Live Right

don't give into the false ego
Mankind has built seemingly beautiful things, but we've messed up.
the false ego takes over ;
its blindly opinionated
built on false belief systems.
dependent on luxury and pleasure
belief should be something reserved for something seen with open eyes
and what makes you so worthy of luxury and pleasure?

we don't like admitting that we're wrong
we like to justify our actions
so we can feel better about ourselves

the false ego is a parasite that is willing to protect itself
so be aware and rip it from your soul
the leech of false ego

open your eyes and see it
the false ego is filling that hole inside of you with things unworthy
fill it with purpose and resolve
I'll fill mine with, and for, the sake of humanity

Open your eyes, can't you see that the false ego relies on:

blind submission and deception
instead of the truth

fear and over-protection
instead of love and growth

instead of unity

complacency instead of what is right

The true self, being right
It's a humility in living
being able to admit being wrong
putting aside ego to love freely
prioritizing the importance of relationships
growing as a human being
having a critical mind
and doing what's right
instead of buying into complacency


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Open Your Eyes

We should always have a critical thinking mind.
We can't always buy into everything.
It might be fact that people aren't always saying the truth.

If we follow anything that seems appealing,
can't you see?
we'll give our freedoms to things we don't want.

We also should be careful with what we want.
Where are those desires birthed from?

Is this too much for you?
If it is, you have to open your eyes.

This world, no matter how you see it...
well, it has some problems.
And those problems won't solve themselves.
Those problems can catch up with us

And we won't solve ourselves,
if we always solve the problems of the selfish.

Don't serve those seeking power
Don't serve those seeking possession
Don't serve those who do it wrong
not those who live the false ego

but serve those,
serve those who love
those who do good,
serve those for the sake of humanity
and serve the sake of humanity.

Open your eyes
what is gonna make you happy?
is it gonna be things that lead to hell
or is it gonna be things that result in heaven
(life, and true liberty, and love)

You are a human being,
you're no creation constructed by another's will,
for you have your own will
be able to see the intentions of those around you
and especially those of yourself
live your own life

who are you?
you should know
and if you don't///
open your eyes,
what do you want to be?
trust me,
you want to be (a) you

not a consumer
not a robot
and not a casualty

especially not
someone against humanity

[ps. I could say more about the false natures of humanity that destroy our virtues, but, I have faith that you'll see 'em yourself]

Friday, June 05, 2009

What am I smiling about?

I have no clue...hahaha

Well, its been awhile since I've posted something a little more personal.
I guess its just because I hold my blog to the reverence of its name.

So within this week I've watched Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda both by Ben Stuart.
Great films...I could do a little less with E.A.'s conspiracy theories, but it was good nonetheless.
Today was the last day of school...
Fate's had its way with me again.

Nothing much more to say.
I suppose next I should talk about what I've encountered in these videos.
Perhaps I'll watch them again before I elaborate...
I just don't know.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Finally, we conclude the Church State and Self series.

You are your self, what rules you is state (you decide), and church is your generosity.

The aspect of church is reaching out in life. It's living freely. You don't just decide how your life is going to be, the aspect of church is how you live it out.

I am not referring to any religion, or any philosophy other than my own.
The aspect of church in my life is the people around me.
They are my life.

My church is maintaining this organism called earth, not by tradition or belief, but by what I know to be true and that which is good;
everything but death

I will fulfill the aspect of self when I fulfill the aspect of church.
I've turned away from the bureaucracies of state, by they are still important.

I hope you all know what to make of this life.
And that hope is part of my church also.

My church is the Philosopher King.

"Good day to be alive sir,
good day to be alive"

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