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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The future, what an odd concept. I stands for what is to come.
So what is to come for us all and how much control do we have over it?
In an attempt to control what comes I have desired many things.
So now, almost continuing those desires I've had in the past, I will recommit to some goals I made for myself when I was still even Christian.
I want to be in control of my emotions. I don't know how in control of them I am now, but I know I can be much more potent in that area. I've heard of this concept called ego death.
In thus doing the above, I also want to control my urges better, and set more real priorities.
I'll tell you how things go, whoever you are, however it happens.

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