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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What do you think?

It's my nobility
It's my life
It's my Gold Promise
How greedy

What? The economic elites are discontented with my policy?
What? Politcs diminished by the Gold Promise? Not content?
What? I don't care about the interests of the oppressors?
How selfish

Oh, did you want to save the world?
Oh, did you like your small acts of charity and comfort?
Oh, did I interfere with your crooked idealism?
How ambitious

I spend my time day-dreaming about conquering the world
I spend my time justifying my thoughts and actions
I spend my time cursing the other side of the seesaw
How insane

Philosopher King
Benji Pacheco
How prideful

Update: Not much goin' on; I may be moving again!!! maybe not. Sorry I haven't gotten to read all of your blogs...I hope you don't think I'm crazy...have a good day

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My political philosophies are based guessed it,
Principles For the Sake of Humanity. (FISH policy?)

But that's all I'll say about that; directly at least.
I believe that sometimes it doesn't matter what kind of government leads, as long as humanity can excel with it. What matters most is what the society under the government is. Humanity needs to excel, we're in an awkward stage right, i'd say.

It's not a revolution in the sense that our government should be changed; just in the way we think, we as society, we as humanity; a true change.

Here in America we have the freedom of what we believe in or follow.
We have the freedom to have a Revolution of the Mind.
But instead we use our freedom, our opportunity to hoard material things..

We have the chance to do something; we are one of the world's largest powers and yet we, we the people, the people that make America what it is choose to be lazy (sloth), inconsiderate of others (greed), vain (pride), over-indulging (gluttony), short-tempered (wrath), never-content (envy), sex driven (lust) people. People that can do something, but don't. Acquiescence is totally acceptable, which is sickening. Acquiescence is almost needed for success in this kind of environment.

Not every American is the same and I do see the good in everyman. I understand why it is so, but I can't just sit back and watch the acquiescence seen, float by.
America has the opportunity, the opportunity even now to become a light in this dark world; not by attempting to spread it's religion of democracy, not by ignoring many parts of the world and surely not by staying cold in this weak attempt to save lives. We can change the world by forgetting the conventional sense of how we run things. We can challenge what we've learned. Instead of the success of ourselves we should be concerned in the success of others but first it takes us, the society to change. It takes our unity for humanity's sake.

And we have the chance needed,
We have the true change needed...
For the Sake of Humanity

Monday, December 22, 2008

Problem and Solution

So what is the problem then?
Take look at the news and ask me again.

We as humanity are lacking something.
What is it?
Most of us don't know.
Some of us allude to it.
Do I even know?

Humanity is missing soul!
Humanity is missing life!

Do you know why?
Because we're either content with the death that we live with
Or because we enjoy the death we live with
We've lost what good is.
We've lost truth in this deceitful world
In this deceitful world we've made for ourselves.

But if we band together, if we work to change things.
Change can happen.

My New Year wasn't bad...
of course, I still have a little dirt under my carpet..I wish it wasn't there

I made a resolution for this year..

It's to be stronger...
~Strong enough to do things that are against my will
~To be able to force myself to do things I'm too lazy to want to do
I could elaborate further like saying I want to make it to state through Cross Country but I won't, because long posts are less eager to be read.


What if?

what if~there is no problem
what if~there is, but can't be fixed here and now?
what if~we humans love death?
what if~we love wrong?
what if~that's just the animal within us?
what if~its an animal to not be messed with?
what if~its an animal that is undeniable?
what if~its an animal that cannot be beaten?
what if~the animal is natural?
what if~humanity doesn't want to change?
what if~humanity should be like this?
what if~conflict and misery feed peace and bliss?
what if~people are meant to die,
die because war
die because disease
die because famine?

What if~you, what if I, what if we're all the same?
What if~this is just a phase?
What if~the Gold Promise is a childish antic in order to relieve stress from my weak mind?
What if~the Tradition of Solution is an over-idealistic, unrealistic perk to give me hope?
What if~the Revolution of the Mind, the revolution of my mind is simply a conformity?
What if~we will never relieve ourselves from the problems seen today?
What if~we can never break out of this horror,
this horror of death
this horror of greed
this horror of wrong?

What if~humanity's balance of life and death is at it's best today, yesterday, and forever?
What if~humanity's balance of life and death is meant to be where it is?
What if~this is true and I'm just an extra weight on humanity's scale of good and evil?

What if~you just shoot me now?
What if~I didn't succomb to such belief, either truth or fiction?
What if~I didn't care?
What if....
What if I do succeed?

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Gold Promise:
The more I think about it; the more I decide that the Gold Promise shouldn't be exclusive to one allocation. To me the Gold Promise is to live For The Sake of Humanity; it's too live for Good, to live for Life and to diminish Death. But for you it could be more specific; it could be anything following these guidelines*.
1. Nobility
2. Sublimity
3. Genuity
*things like this are always subject to change

Tradition of Solution:
It's been said to me that what I've planned on doing will never work. It has been said to me that I'll grow into what I digress; but I've always been good at traditions; not ones made for me, but the ones I make for myself.
We should always be thinking about the future and how can we change it through the present. We need to pass not just good genetics to our children but furthermore a Tradition of Solution. Solution that in the future and in the present is truly necessary For The Sake of Humanity. We can create a better world not for the future generations but through the future generations. We shouldn't educate because they're our future, we should educate them to be our future. A future of gold. Let time be a liberator rather than a captivator. Let time free us from our addictions, the addictions of humanity. Let Tradition be the Solution and let's give up our faulty pleasures.

Revolution of the Mind: Revolution of the Mind is a free term, but it basically means that we challenge ourselves and our beliefs; that we have an open mind and that we think for once and furthermore. We need to find the fundamentals of life, the elementals to existence. We need to find our Gold Promise, we need to set our own Traditions and we need to open our own jars of Entropy. We should be in control of our lives; maybe thats what this Revolution is...

Entropy of Good: Entropy of Good is a new concept. Imagine this. All bad, all evil, a death is contained within a jar. Entropy of Evil is when the lid of the jar is removed from the jar, letting Evil spread out into the atmosphere surrounding. Now what if, since evil and bad and death are conceptual, what if Good and Life were contained within this same jar. Instead of keeping good contained within the jar, we should release it. It will dissipate, it will reach equillibrium, but as long as we keep gathering the good and the life, then we're all set for existence itself. It's also a point of perspective; don't hold the concept of death; hold good within your jar, within your cup, within yourself.


Your first comment of "Existence" is pretty relevant to what I'll be talking about soon.

To answer your two questions;

My philosophy on being the best you can be:
Well, the diverstiy of humanity would sort of give me a neutrality towards something as this.
Being the best you can be is more directed towards yourself and what you live for.
As for me; I see myself being the best I can be by following the Gold Promise.
What makes you the best at who you are is different though.
I will be talking about the Gold Promise a little bit more and maybe it'll be relevant to this question.

My philosophy on humanity as the supreme race:
This one's a little more foggy...
But I don't believe that anyone's damned until their end comes.
Humanity still has a chance to prosper.
Our intelligence can end up damning us or benefitting us.
Which one will you advocate?
What will we advocate as a whole?
I do believe though that we are above the other living creatures.
We're not on an equal level with bears per se.
If you mean ethnical race then I believe we're all human and I wouldn't classify, once again, as anyone one of us being better than the other.

Anyways, three posts ago I unawaredly broke the FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY chain. Shame on me...I guess it'll be used less now...maybe that's a good thing. Maybe not?

Friday, December 19, 2008


All Nighter III (since All Nighter I {the post})

Today is the last day of school for two weeks.
I got my history final today, Mini-Beast I and II.
They're gonna be great.

So these weeks we be full of posts.
Be prepared.
Here, take this as prep:

If life has troubles
Then you are truly living.

But if you can't change your circumstances,
is it better to have not lived at all?

In the end though, whether you enjoyed life or not; whether is was truly yours or someone elses; whether you found life and death in existence, that's all it ever was, simply existence.

Friday, December 12, 2008

All Nighter I

Ok then! So I'm not doing my hw obviously, hw for the finals.
Yes, for the finals (midterms whatever) and it took me a whole heck of time just to get to posting this post. )Get it? Procrastinating to procrastinate(

About Radicalism of the Gold Promise:
Anyways...the reaction to The Radicalism of the Gold Promise was more of a doubtful one.
Many don't realize that extremism is the only way to solve the problems of this world.
It's take a lot of work and we gotta be savage! We gotta man-handle the issues.
We gotta go headfirst for halos, headfirst for the Sake of Humanity rather than this sick pacifism that we've even so eased into. I'm willing to stop the rotation of this world in order to get things straight, just one of the examples of the Radicalism of the Gold Promise.

About James' Request:
James requested this, "Well... how about the insight of, if events have happend in peoples lives that are horrible, does that justify the thoughts that they have afterwords or are the beliefs that they have wrong in the sense of the ideas are only shaped through there events and nothing else. You get the idea ^_^" and I kinda get the idea. And so I say that I won't say whether it is just for those who've experienced something horrible to say or act accordingly to those experience. But I will say that they might have the choice to act accordingly to their situation or to differ, but I'm not sure. I will also say that one can have a traumatized mind in which a tragic situation is what only may affect them but in general, people have a choice to stick on to the past or to leave and learn from it. I'm sorry James, that I couldn't say much more. I can say this though; we don't really understand our brothers and sisters of humanity, so don't assume they're like you, that they think the same way, or they should all handle situations as you believe they should. But even in saything this, I believe, since we are all human, that we should all adhere to the Sake of Humanity...

About I don't know:
I don't think I really prepared anything for you guys and I can't recall what I was gonna write...  You've probably read alot though if you did read that above so I guess I can back off for right now...I'll post something big (in my eyes) later.

Now it's time for YOU to make ME a sandwhich...

For the Sake of Humanity


Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Radicalism of the Gold Promise

Gold Promise

If you're not familiar with the Gold the link above.
So here we are talking about something somewhat philosphical's unavoidable... what else am I supposed to talk about?

James' request will come soon.

So today I'm gonna talk about the Radicalism of the Gold Promise.

 Now radicalism causes bigotry.
Radicalism causes 9/11
 Radicalism causes death.

So what makes Radicalism to the Gold Promise so great?
So needed?

It's the Gold Promise itself!
Truly, think about it, if we were Radicalists for the Sake of Humanity..!!!
(I like that! Radicalists for the Sake of Humanity!)
We wouldn't blow up buildings.
We wouldn't take lives for a greater good.
We wouldn't become bigots.

If we had our change of outlook on this life.

We would be like Gandhi who used peace as a replacement to war.
We would be like Mr. King and Mr. Lincoln who fought against racism through words and ideas.
)They were all assassinated)

We could change this world.
We could save ourselves.
And more importantly the ones around us.

We would have a movement

And maybe we could finally become great...
If we were Radicalists...
Radicalists ...

For The Sake Of Humanity

So anyways...I've been saying these things...prompting you to live for humanity
but do you really know how?
I don't even truly know how...

This means I'll have to develop some guidelines...
Those will be coming soon...we'll see what comes in the future.
Maybe a separate blog...maybe a joint authored blog. Idk

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