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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Thursday, August 01, 2013


Prohibition is one of humanities finest immaturity.
Looks like thousands and thousands of years didn't teach us to use properly.
That explains pollution, man-made diseases, and violence in and out of the courthouse.
Perhaps its just a control hungry government facing and fearing a changing society.
Then again you have those that thought secrecy was best,
like it made them better because it was exclusive to them.
Some if not many things are still probably kept hidden away.
Wouldn't it be greater if it went around or are your ulterior motives ending the fun?
I believe chemicals balance the nature of things on our glorious planet, however they do so.
Fear is only admitting an apparent observation of the trigger object in which the fear originates pliable.
In conjuncture we should be focusing on how to control such event in which we have premonition of.
and sometimes all the best we could do is help nature take its course.
Those obsessed with control all break sometime, it's only tidy in the cycle of things.
So step up to the plate, it's out of your hands to determine what those around you do.
You can try and try but somewhere its gonna take place
once your gone there's nothing you can do about it

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