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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Up in the valley, came then upon the waters.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Our only hope as a humanity is to reach for the planets far above our current reach.
If life means anything, there should be something out there to grasp and to hold onto whereas on earth we keep running through our pleasures indefinitely, hurling with our entropy into the last days of the sun. Sometimes I even doubt the existence of the soul but I believe it is a spirit of disappointment that leads to such ponderance.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


trying to get over the sludge of the norm
ambitions hang on the sunsets of yesterday's prowl
onset for the course of procrastinative enviable product

those around with jealous contempt nay say the future
reject past and present by gone pasttimes ready to be settled
once and for all in all ungestured wise knowledges

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Snow Friends

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