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Lewis Carroll

"To me it seems that to give happiness is a far nobler goal that to attain it: and that what we exist for is much more a matter of relations to others than a matter of individual progress: much more a matter of helping others to heaven than of getting there ourselves."
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

For The Sake Of Humanity II

So I have some things to say...breaking this patterned chain of this blog.

1) This blog will no longer follow the same patterned chain.

2) You should, if desired (or not desired[just kidding]), request something for me to give a philosophical insight of. I promise, I won't let you down if you request it.

3) My dedication to the Gold Promise 
So I believed at one time that I didn't need an huge education. I felt that I didn't need to become 'successful' in this society. There are many ways I justified this, but anything that needs to be justified is indeed bad in some way. I believed that my philosophies would carry me to where I needed to be, but I was wrong, it's everyone around me that does that.
My mind has changed, as I said before. I can't be a bum, I need to show that I'm sane, that my words are humanity's next steps as, well, humanity...

4) My blogs will continue to be insightful and I will keep the "For The Sake Of Humanity" tradition for it represents my Tradition of Solution but I desire to not be so serious and strict in my writing. I want to make it more real, like Jaerixon and James, less like Flussiger Spiegel (even though his writing is pretty good), and a little more like ChipotleChick whose name I don't know but her humor I do (even though I can never live up to it)

5) I swear...all those people better read this you know how long it took me to link everyone's name!?!?!? I'm gonna barely make the 12:00 o' clock deadline.

6) And sorry all the rest of you for not linking your name...and sorry to everyone for not responding yet to their comments. I'll do that soon when I get some time. I got to catch up with life

7) You guys are great.

I've married the Gold Promise and now I have to pay the price...
but I guess it's good because it's 

For The Sake of Humanity

For The Sake Of Humanity

Take heed my words!
Engulf my ideas!
Understand the truth!
And if it's not true...
Challenge it!  Show ME the truth!
But if it is true...
For your own good 
and for the good of those you love.
Spread my words as butter
so that no one will suffer any longer.
Together we're invincible.
Together we can change this world!
Yes We Can!
And it's your fault this world is as it is.
It's my fault this world is as it is.
Do you know why?
Because we aren't determined enough!
I say "Oh, God, kill me now!"
I say "I don't need to live a normal life, I'm too noble"
I say "Why should I live this corruption"
It's foolishness because Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatmha Gandhi and plenty more all lived extremely influential lives and look at where they are now! In our memories and assassinated in their graves.
How can I change the world being a bum?
How can I change the world when I have nothing to offer but words?
Everyone of us 6 Billion+ have thoughts to give.
It's the new fad.
So what makes me so special?
Nothing, nothing yet...
And what do you say?
"It doesn't affect me"
"The world ain't bad, look at everything good"
Or what else do you say?
"That's not for me..."
or maybe 
"That guy's crazy"
I plead with you.
We can help each other.
We can help others.
We can help ourselves.
By helping out this world...
It takes the majority to change things.
If we could simply lead the world to seeing the truths behind humanity,
we could change the word for the better...
We can create a harmony in the world.
A world where everone's needs are covered,
and everyone's selfish indulgences are limited...
because kids don't know the harm they do to themselves...
We can maintain the health of this world.
We can grow up!
Go ahead...prove to me you aren't a kid...
For The Sake Of Humanity
...please, show me you aren't a self-indulging, careless, wasteful kid...
please, for the sake of humanity...

Thursday, November 27, 2008



 .is a cycle.

A cycle of life
A cycle of death
A cycle of love
And a cycle of hate

A cycle of wrong
And a cycle of right

A cycle of opposites
And a cycle of likes

Humanity is us
We are stupid
we are smart

we are open
we are rejecting

we are beautiful
we are ugly

we are helping
we are harming

we are humans
human after all

we humans are greedy
we humans are giving

we humans are me and you
we humans group together

we humans are us and them
we humans are separate
we humans are entertaining
we humans are entertained

we humans wear monkey suits
which makes no sense
because we're humans

we humans keep order
but emit entropy

we humans aren't all too bad though
we humans aren't all too good though

which we should be
because we're humans

Humanity follows its cylces and wonders what's wrong. We as humanity, we as humans need to break the harmful cycles and invite the good ones. We humans need to unite and straighten things out before everything gets wrinkled furthermore.

Unity is the solution. We have the solution.
 But we are the problem. 

Which, in the end, will humanity choose?
Or are humans really humans?
If we can't find the solution?

Or if we have, are we too stubborn to ignite it?
What's holding us back?
Our stubborness, why do we choose to work around, rather than to fix it?

We have all the time in the world to fix humanity's mistakes.
When will you realize?

But don't you know?
Work before play, right?
Let's fix humanity before it's mistakes screw us over.
Oh wait...they have?
Well we can be screwed over even more...

From humanity's best intentions
let's fix humanity 
with unity

For The Sake Of Humanity

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Of Humanity...

Of you...
Of us.....
Of everyone.

Must we not all be forsaken by ourselves?

For the Sake of Humanity
Is for your sake.
How do you live your life neglecting your brothers and sisters?
Casting them out like stray dogs?
Leaving them without the chance to find freedom in what they've been made part of...

The endless cycles you feed them, and they, not smart enough to break it..
how do you live?
Where's you conscience?
Where's your heart?

it's those better off, those with the solution that need to help.

Those with the problem and not the solution.
How can they help themselves?

so soak your heart in the warmest of waters,,,
and let down your shielded cold exterior

put away your selfish cycles and your petty projects

Of you, of your will, will you be the problem or the solution?
Of you, of your will, will you be the immolation or the immolator?
One can philosophically be both
I'm an immolation, an immolator...
But in exclusion to us, which are you?

Put aways your pride, your fear, and your selfishness...

For The Sake of Humanity


Humanity's Sake...
Is it not too awfully ignored?

Humanity's so foolish not maintaining the health of its whole self.
How can it be so neglecting? Where are it's parents to correct it?
If it does have parents they not much smarter either...
Where is humanity headed?
When emotion is resoned over logic.
When logic is reasoned of emotion...
What fools have we become, by becoming knowldgeable...?
What fools have we become, by becoming cold hearted...?
What fools have we become, by becoming like kids...?
What fools have we become, by becoming too attached...?

What fools have we become, by dumping the Sake of Humanity.
Refurnish, replenish, bring it back up, restore it, refurbish it...
IT as in Humanity...

For the Sake of You
For the Sake of Itself

For the Sake of Humanity

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Sake of Humanity...

The good of everything...
isn't an apparent good what we live for?
can something other, so good, ruin its origin?

The fear of the unknown...
it's caution and cleverness.
an extremity finds itself being destrcutive.

The love of the everyone...
it's beauty and perfection.
hasn't it both created and destroyed?

The disciplines of mankind...
further us in our evolutions.
do they not harm some, leave behind others?

The mind of society...
does it not produce everything we love?
does it not produce everything we hate?

The desire to change the mind of society is within. When will society as a whole realize that the way to love anything is to know that it might be lost; that it is better to have lived and lost than to have lived at all; and that if you love something, you must let it go and if it comes back to you, its yours?

The present society...when will it wise up? Wise up for:

The Mind of Society
The Good of Everythig

For The Sake of Humanity

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For the Sake of Humanity
For the starving children...
For the aching parents...
For the confused bachelor...
For every freind...
For the abandoned...
For the oppressed...
For the sad...
For the depressed...
For the lost...
For the hurt...
For the empty...
For justice unserved...
For all the flawed thougt...
For all evils accepted...
For every misunderstanding...
For every wrong...
For every right...
For everything and everyone we must come together for the Solution. We must come together because of the problem. We must come together because life is the most precious thing we have and fools take this away from us. We must come together and light has to be shone on ourselves so that we aren't the destructive ones. We must advocate,
for good...
because humanity is all we got and tell me one good reason why we shouldn't improve this gift of humanity itself...

Together we're invincible and life is all we have.
For each other...
For life...

For the Sake of Humanity

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